What is a Regional Business Development Manager?

Regional Business development

Regional business development managers conduct analyses of past, present, and future performance to create projections, planning, and growth models. Regional business development manager are often responsible for seeking potential business opportunities, which requires a good eye for detail, analysis, and judgment. The manager may also supervise, or interact with, teams in their organization such as marketing, research and development, and advertising.

Regional business development managers must have a thorough knowledge of their business and field. This job is primarily based in an office setting, although travel is often required to meet with clients and potential clients. Analytical ability is a must, both for the task of identifying new business opportunities and for presenting such opportunities to upper management. As this involves making pitches to management and to prospective clients, effective oral and written communication skills are essential

A bachelor's degree is frequently preferred for this position, with exceptions made for applicants with significant previous experience relevant to the position. In many cases, the regional business development manager must look for ongoing opportunities for continuing education. (Copyright 2017 PayScale.com)

Regional Business Development Manager Tasks

  • Work within a region of a company's operation to evaluate opportunities for expansion.
  • Represent the company in negotiations and contract finalization with business partners.
  • Report the results of analyses, predictions for future business, and recommended action to upper management.
  • Assess potential business partnerships to determine which options are of the most benefit to the company.

Source: www.payscale.com