The Future of Regional Development and Planning in South Africa

regional development and planning

The PhD program in Urban and Regional Development Planning provides rigorous academic training and research critical to the planning and design of innovative futures. The regional emphasis, from rural and urban neighborhoods to national levels, recognizes that increasingly planning problems transcend geographic boundaries and require spatially-based systems thinking. The program educates and trains the next generation of scholars who will bring new research-based ideas and knowledge to the teaching and practice of regional development planning. This program incorporates elements of economics, sustainable development, community development planning, political economy and social planning. It offers a comprehensive knowledge base to graduate students interested in the improvement of human conditions.

About the Program

The PhD in Urban and Regional Dvlp. Planning is a distinctive doctoral degree in planning. Most doctoral degrees in planning in the United States cover broad fields. However, the University of Cincinnati School of Planning program stresses the interdisciplinary analysis and solution to the regional development problems from inner cities to rural areas. Moreover, the program approaches urban and regional planning using the principles of sustainable development, essential to sound management of the Earth's limited resources.

The purpose of this doctoral program is to educate and train urban and regional planning researchers, scholars and high-level practitioners and policy makers. Consequently, students will be able to contribute to the generation of new knowledge and the education of planning professionals, as well as participate in the development and implementation of policies and programs for urban areas as well as for regions.