CFA and MFB boundaries - Country Fire Authority

cfa region map

Part of the Vicmap Admin dataset series. This layer contains polygon features delineating the current Country Fire Authority Region Boundaries.

In 2010, CFA moved to align their administrative boundaries to the Victorian Government Regional Departmental Boundaries. As a result of this direction, from 1st July 2010, what was once known as CFA Areas will now be known as CFA Regions.

There are three exceptions in this dataset. In June 2011, Bass Coast Shire became part of Southern Metropolitan Region when the Victorian Government Regional Departmental Boundaries indicate that it should be part of Gippsland Region. In October 2012, Yarriambiack Shire was divided using the east-west rabbit fence (same as the Total Fire Ban District Boundary) which impacts on the Loddon Mallee and Grampians Regions boundary. In August 2013, the gazetted boundary prior to the mapping changes made as part of the Boundary Alignment Project at Inverloch Brigade, were reinstated impacting on the boundary ajoining Southern Metropolitan and Gippsland Regions.

On the 2nd October 2014, CFA's eight Regions became five. This involved the merger of Hume and Eastern Metropolitan Regions to form North East Region, and Loddon Mallee and Northern & Western Metropolitan Regions to form North West Region. The other Regions were also renamed. These changes were a part of the Creating our Future Together (COFT) Program.