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Economic Regions

Economic / September 2, 2017

Austerity and the slow recovery of European city-regions

The 2008 global economic crisis has been the most severe recession since the Great Depression. Notwithstanding its dramatic effects, cross-country analyses on its heterogeneous impacts and its potential causes are still scarce...

Making space for well-being?

"There is a paradox at the heart of our lives. As Western societies have got richer, their people have become no happier"(Layard, 2005).

Layard has not been alone in questioning the relationship between economic growth and well-being.

Austerity: we are not all in it together

Europe has a Greek tragedy; the US is grappling with a Tea Party; and in the UK we have the economic consequences of austerity. The focus is budget deficits, public expenditure cuts and being 'all in it together'...

From 'safety net' to 'trampoline': the reform of the welfare state

In recent years, governments of both the right and left have been involved in debates over the best way to deliver public services. Whereas during the post-war period it was widely accepted that state provisioning of infrastructure, health, education and social services was the best way to ensure the well being of citizens, in the latter decades.