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At Home in Durham CoverThe Durham Housing Plan 2014-2024, is an extension of the Region’s commitment to affordable housing, as set out in Growing Together, the Durham Region Strategic Plan 2015-2019 and the Regional Official Plan. It is an integrated housing plan that lays out the Region’s vision for housing during the next 10 years. The plan aligns this vision with the requirement for a housing and homelessness plan under the Housing Services Act, and the housing strategy required under the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. For the full version of the plan, click here.

The four goals of At Home in Durham are:

At Home in Durham will address the challenges and opportunities in providing suitable and affordable housing options that meet the needs of all of Durham's current and future residents. The plan sets out the Region's direction for housing, including an assessment of current and future housing needs; goals related to the identified needs; and realistic actions to meet the diverse range of these needs. It provides a description of anticipated outcomes, and how progress is to be measured as Durham Region works to implement its plan.

In June 2016, Regional Council also established the Affordable and Seniors' Housing Task Force to identify strategies that support the creation and maintenance of affordable rental and seniors' housing. It is anticipated that the report and recommendations of the Task Force (expected fall 2017) will inform the plan's five-year review and future direction of At Home in Durham.

The Region is making progress toward the achievement of the goals of At Home in Durham. The 2017 Annual Report highlights activities over the past year and provides qualitative measures of the progress of At Home in Durham. It highlights current and future initiatives, including:

  • Reported zero chronically homeless households for the past two years-well ahead of the province's target to eliminate chronic homelessness by 2025.
  • Allocated $23.7 million in Canada-Ontario Investments in Affordable Housing - 2014 Extension and Social Infrastructure Fund funding for the development of 168 new affordable rental units in both the non-profit and private sectors, which will increase the supply to 529 units by 2019.
  • Implemented a new Durham Access to Social Housing (DASH) online selection system for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) and modified unit vacancies-the only fully vacancy-driven housing waiting list in the province. This system helps applicants take a more active role in selecting accommodation that is most appropriate for them.
  • Allocated $5.5 million under the Social Infrastructure Fund Social Housing Improvement Program for critical repair and renovation work at 14 social housing projects, including two Durham Regional Local Housing Corporation (DRLHC) locations.
  • Working to establish an operating framework for creating new partnerships with non-profit housing related organizations, as the existing providers reach the end dates of their Operating Agreements and/or mortgages.

Source: www.durham.ca