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regional development commissions

East Central Minnesota is a business friendly location with programs and resources custom designed to assist entrepreneurs interested in starting, expanding or relocating their business in our region!

Why East Central MN?

Available buildings and land: East Central MN has a good variety of buildings and buildable land available for immediate development at reasonable prices.

Financing available: This area has strong banks whose lenders understand business. We also have numerous loan funds vested in making projects happen to grow your business.

Skilled workforce: Our region has a well trained, experienced workforce available to fuel your business with a work ethic that doesn’t stop.

Technical assistance: Technical assistance is available to entrepreneurs in areas such as business planning, financing, sales, marketing, legal, accounting, human resources and more, to help you start and grow your business in East Central Minnesota.

Low red-tape: East Central Minnesota has a business friendly, can-do attitude, with skilled staff ready to assist you through the development process.

Amenities: East Central Minnesota as access to amenities that make most other locations jealous:

- Access to four-lane highways (Interstate 35 on the East side, US-169 on the West), with multiple east-west routes.

- Proximity to MSP Airport and the Port of Duluth / Superior makes shipping easy.

- Affordable utilities such as electric, natural gas, high speed internet and wireless communications.

Quality of Life: East Central Minnesota has a quality of life second to none. Hunting, fishing and more is just out your back door. Great schools, shopping and affordable housing make East Central Minnesota a great place to live

First call: Call us at (320) 679-4065 #29 to get us started. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff assist you with your business development needs!

Revolving Loan Fund - The East Central Regional Development Commission (ECRDC) Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) was created in 1994 to provide gap financing to new, expanding and relocating small businesses in East Central MN. For more information, please click here for RLF Brochure . For a loan application, please click here RLF Loan Application

EDA Program - The ECRDC is an EDA designated Economic Development District (EDD). With this designation comes access to a variety of programs and services available to local units of government, primarily access to grant programs for infrastructure, technical assistance and other needs. For more info on EDA programs, please click HERE.

JOBZ - Job Opportunity Building Zone, or JOBZ for short, is a State of Minnesota initiative that provides substantial tax relief to companies that start up or expand in specific locations. Twelve communities in our region are home to JOBZ sites.

The ECRDC has assisted more than a dozen businesses take advantage of the financial benefits JOBZ affords the by relocating or expanding in our JOBZ sites. For more information on JOBZ projects in East Central Minnesota, and across the state, please click HERE.

JOBZ benefits include:

- No property tax on new development

- No sales tax on goods and services

- No corporate income tax or individual income tax on investments

- Minnesota corporate income tax credit or credit for higher paying jobs.

Community Development - The ECRDC Office of Community Development is ready and able to assist your Township, City or County with a variety of community planning projects such as comprehensive land use plans, zoning and other ordinance assistance, strategic planning, feasibility studies and more! Please call us at (320) 679-4065 #29 to discuss your project and find out how the ECRDC can assist!