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Regional development Manager Salary

Q: What is it like working as a Business Development Manager?

Business Development Manager in Berne:

"Work flexibity, stress level."

Pros: Independence to develop this segment.

Cons: Stress level, pay and compensation.

Business Development Manager in Chicago:


Pros: Work is great and a lot of excitement.

Cons: Nothing at all. It's great to be there.

Business Development Manager in Fremont:

"Fun and challenging working in biz dev."

Pros: Meet a lot of interesting individuals and work with many different teams on various projects in various industries. No two days are the same for me.

Cons: It is challenging to consistently develop new business, sometimes you deal with rude people.

Business Development Manager in Dalton:


Pros: The Ability to grow and the team environment.

Cons: The fact that I haven't been able to hire additional employees yet and can't get to everything that needs to be done.

Business Development Manager in Baltimore:

"Day to Day Struggles and Rewards."

Pros: Owners are great people to work with and for along with the Regional Manager and they are compassionate and family oriented. The job can be rewarding knowing I'm helping our Senior Citizens and Veterans. I feel a sense of accomplishment within my position. Have become a Mentor for other Managers with recognition of job well done from the Owners and Regional Manager. The office I run and become a "model" office of how to do and what to do along with recognition for this as well. I feel I manage the office well and am proud of my employees.

Cons: Long hours and feeling underpaid. On call 24/7 which often interrupts time with my family. Hi demand of deadlines and paperwork with many duties to complete and not having enough time to do so. The lack of TV and radio advertising to help build business. The constant struggle to find good Care Providers to place in Senior's homes. Having to find Care Providers to fill in on cases over weekends, so the lack of professionalism with the independent contractors hired. Stress level is also very high worrying about keeping cases staffed and bringing in new cases.

Business Development Manager in Miami:

"Its okay."

Pros: Working with the customers and some vendors.

Cons: The overworked hours and unrealistic expectations.

Business Development Manager in Jamesport:

"I have become good at juggling tasks while putting out fires."

Pros: The ability to show newcomers to the region what great hospitality is like. To convey my passion for the product to the point that it becomes contagious. I also like managing my team.