Connecting Universities to Regional Growth: Smart Specialisation

Regional development Studies

Today, there is greater cross-border movement of people, goods and information than ever before in human history. As a result, there is a demand for students who are able to cope with diverse issues such as development, trade issues, and the environment. Toyo University’s Graduate School of Regional Development Studies provides courses to develop individuals with sophisticated specialist knowledge who can positively contribute to international society after their graduation.

In order to foster personnel capable of resolving the increasingly complex international problems, the Graduate School of Regional Development Studies offers the Course of Regional Development Studies to prospective scholars and researchers willing to participate in international cooperation and community building and the Course of International Tourism Studies to highly skilled professionals willing to contribute to the development of global tourism. This graduate school devotes efforts to field research activities and the education of international students within a conducive learning environment with an international atmosphere.

Our graduate school was founded in 2001 for educating experts who will contribute to international issues. We now have over one third of our students from overseas enrolled in our campus studying various fields of Regional Development Studies. Expertise in these fields will be required to address the needs of the ever dynamic International Community.

At The Hakusan Campus, evening classes are offered for part-time students who want to improve their skills for advancement in their current employment and full time students who want to work in the various fields of Regional Development.