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regional economic growth

Economic / May 12, 2018

The Regional Economic Growth Project (REG), funded by the USAID Europe and Eurasia (E&E) Bureau in Washington, is implemented by SEGURA Consulting, supported by Deloitte and CEED. It was launched in September 2013. (For more information please visit the REG Website.)

The purpose of the REG Project is to promote broad based, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the E&E region through greater intraregional economic integration and harmonization in the E&E region and other markets. Project activities focus on improving competitiveness and increasing financial sector stability by promoting economic integration within the region and building economic linkages to the EU and other markets. The REG Project seeks to provide a cost effective platform for demand driven high quality trainings and introduce international best practices in private sector skills and financial sector management and regulation.

Increased private sector competitiveness and enterprise development: Interventions that identify and strengthen agriculture and non-agriculture value chains on a regional basis, promote sectors regionally and internationally, improve workforce skills through standards and certification programs and further entrepreneurship training and services. Activities to strengthen regional value chains will include addressing non-tariff barriers to trade in the CEFTA area and harmonizing the business enabling environment to allow for the expansion of business across borders and facilitate trade and investment flows. These efforts also seek to improve governance, increase transparency and reduce corruption, thereby reinforcing governance objectives in the region.

Increased financial sector stability, growth and inclusion: Interventions that strengthen regulatory and supervisory capacity to implement international best practices and assist financial sector practitioners to navigate regional and international systems, with a goal of improving financial sector stability and mitigating the risks of the financial crisis.

Source: www.seguraconsulting.net